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Fountain of Paradise Spaceport

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Fountain of Paradise Spaceport.svg
Fountain of Paradise Spaceport
“The Gateway to the Future of Humanity”
Low-Orbit, Singapore, Solar System, Milky Way
The Gateway to the Future of Humanity
―Fountain of Paradise Spaceport

The Fountain of Paradise Spaceport, also known as Fountain of Paradise Medical or simply Fountain of Paradise, is a space station in low Earth orbit, accessible by the Ono Space Elevator in Singapore, seemingly owned and operated at least in part by the Venturis Corporation. While it is never visited in-game, it is an important location in the story of Tacoma. It's Station Operating Artificial Intelligence is HEKA.

Behind the Scenes

The name is a reference to Arthur C. Clarke's The Fountains of Paradise, which was the first novel to introduce and popularize the concept of the space elevator.