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Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma

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Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma.svg
Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma.png
Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma
E-L Lagrange Point 1, 1 Venturis Orbit,
Solar System, Milky Way
Venturis Corporation

Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma, also known as Station Tacoma and Tacoma Station or simply Tacoma, is a space station orbiting between Earth and Luna built and owned by the Venturis Corporation. It is the setting of Tacoma. It's Station Operating Artificial Intelligence was ODIN.

The fate of the space station after Tacoma is unknown, it's likely that, if the responsibilities of the station were highly needed at that time, that the Venturis Corporation would quickly organize another crew to assign on the station in order to ensure it's continued operation. While unknown what they'd do for the station AI, they most likely have some form of backup.