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Natali Kuroshenko
Network Specialist
Voice actor:
Natasha Loring

Natali Kuroshenko is one of the characters in the game Tacoma. She is a member of the crew and is a network specialist. In the Biomed wing, it is revealed in an optional, unlockable database that she suffers from a heart murmur and probable mitral stenosis. Thus, she faces an 82% chance of death during cryogenic revival, causing the medical subroutine to give Sareh Hasmadi the suggestion to avoid putting her into cryogenic stasis.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is voiced by Natasha Loring
  • At the time of Tacoma, she is 23 years old
  • While she does have a personal room, she only uses it for storage of many items (some being of note are a flyer for the AILF and several holiday decorations). Instead, as indicated by the sign outside of the room, she spends her time in her 'bungalo' [SIC], which consists of a lawn chair and a small table in the maintenance tunnels, and the marital bunk she shares with Roberta Williams
  • She has been married to Roberta Williams for almost two years at the time of the game

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