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Venturis Belt

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Venturis Belt Letter.png
Venturis Belt
“Imagine. A Little Piece of Heaven. All to Yourself.”
Encircling Earth, Low-Orbit, Solar System, Milky Way
Venturis Corporation
Imagine. A Little Piece of Heaven. All to Yourself.
―Venturis Belt

The Venturis Belt was a planned network of a thousand fully-automated orbital bungalows encircling Earth that was going to be built by the Venturis Corporation at the time of Tacoma. It could not be built due to the Human Oversight Accord, something that lead to the events that took place on Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma. Following the events of Tacoma, it is likely that the project was shutdown due to the plan that was supposed to have made the project at all possible in the first place being a failure that cost the Venturis Corporation heavily.



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