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Venturis Zenith Lunar Resort

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Venturis Zenith Lunar Resort.svg
Venturis Zenith Lunar Resort.png
Venturis Zenith Lunar Resort
Venturis Corporation

The Venturis Zenith Lunar Resort, also known simply as the Zenith Resort or Zenith, is a luxury entertainment resort complex located on Luna owned by the Venturis Corporation. While it is never visited in-game, it is a prominent location in Tacoma. The closest known space station, Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma, was built by the Venturis Corporation with the express purpose of making transport between the planet and moon more efficient. It's Station Operating Artificial Intelligence is KAVE.

Behind the Scenes

Originally, Tacoma Station—before it was solidified as Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma—was a high-class orbital luxury space station resort. This can be seen in early videos for Tacoma, where a much more stylish main lobby of the early Tacoma Station appears.

When Fullbright chose to have Tacoma Station be a utilitarian cargo transfer station instead, this concept was completely repurposed for the Venturis Zenith Lunar Resort, with even the lobby of this early Tacoma Station appearing as the Main Lobby of the Venturis Zenith Lunar Resort as seen in a framed picture behind the desk in Clive Siddiqi's Office.